Gordon K. Bush Airport

Ohio University, Albany, Ohio

  • Airport Inspection & Asset Management Software

Ohio University (OU) used the iiCollector to complete daily inspections at the Gordon K. Bush Airport in Albany, Ohio.

Information technology specialists from Resource International, Inc (Rii) integrated the airport's safety inspection checklist into a digital format in the iiCollector software. Replacing paper inspection forms with digital forms allowed OU personnel to perform daily inspections, locate assets and identify hazards with the tap of their finger on their smartphone or tablet.

As it was collected, the data was automatically archived for report preparation in ProjectGrid.com®. ProjectGrid stored this information online for easy access at any time.

Additionally, Rii developed an automated work order application to sync with OU's existing system. As work orders were placed using the iiCollector, responsible parties were automatically notified via email. These work orders were logged and records of maintenance were stored in the database.

Rii plans to develop MicroPAVER integration, airplane maintenance and parts inventory application for the airport in the future.